Zydot - Euro Blend

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Zydot - Euro Blend

Zydot - Ultra Clean Shampoo

Zydot - Ultra Clean Shampoo

Availability: In stock

Zydot - Euro Blend 

Cleansing Carbohydrate Drink Mix.

Refreshing satisfaction for 4 to 5 hours...

Serving Suggestion:

Drink Zydot Euro Blend ONLY on the day you wish to be pure.

1. Drink 500-750ml of water 1 hour before drinking Zydot Euro Blend.

2. Fill The Bottle container supplied half full with water

3. Replace cap and shake untill dissolved.

4. Add water to the lip of the bottle.

5. Drink the entire contents immediately.

6. 15 minutes after drinking Zydot Euro Blend, refill with water and drink.

7. 1 hour after drink Zydot Euro Blend and urinating 3 times, expect refreshing satisfaction for 4 to 5 hours.  

Net Weight: 56g - Makes 473ml

Available in three delicious flavours:

Natural Orange, Tropical Punch & Wild Cherry!

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