Wesley Nerikomi Clay Pipes - Large

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Wesley Nerikomi Clay Pipes - Large

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Wesley Nerikomi Clay Pipes - Large

Sizes range from 15-18cm.

Wesley Pies are made from porcelain using an ancient Japenese ceramic technique called Nerikomi. Different coloured clays are cut in cross sections to reveal patterns.

The pipe stem a store bought bamboo skewer easily so cleaning is not a problem. The Longer the stem the larger the hit, Believe it or not.

The pipe are literally as tough as rock, they are fired in an electric kiln to super high temperatures, ideal for your jeans pocket.

You will never use anything else after your first experience with Wesley pipes!

Each pipe in its own way is unique from the next, they do have certain themes of colour. Please feel free to send us a quick message or even give us a call to suggest which colour you would prefer, we can let you know what colours are available for your preference.

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