Shisha Steam Stones

Shisha Steam Stones

Hookah becoming increasingly popular

Many people prefer smoking from a hookah or shisha. The reason for this is that the smoke is flavourful, soft and cool. As a result, the smoking of hookah tobacco seems reasonably harmless. [Nevertheless all tobacco smoke – even if you smoke hookah tobacco – may cause health problems.]

NEW!!! Shisha steam stones are harmless

The fact is that the only thing you inhale is steam, without the harmful solid particles of tobacco smoke. These steam stones give a wonderfully dense smoke development and the taste and sensation from them are exquisite.

Now available in 16 flavours [120g Per Pack]

Shisha steam stones are in sixteen delicious flavours. Besides being tasty and less harmful, the shisha stones are also a lot cheaper than hookah tobacco, because no excise duty has to be paid.

Shisha Steam Stones
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