V Syndicate - Grinder Cards

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V Syndicate - Grinder Cards

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V Syndicate - Grinder Cards

Take any dry herb you wish to grind and rub it against our patented finger-friendly Grove ‘n’ Grind™ surface like a cheese grater.

It’s best to start at the top of the card and move your hand down and up again over the surface, repeating the process till the herb is all ground. We offer 3 grind textures, fine, medium, and coarse. Grinder Cards are one of the only grinders that feature a variety of textures, allowing you to grind for any situation.

After grinding, you can use the card to scoop and place your ground herbs where you need it. Use the card to scoop ground tobacco into papers and also aid in rolling.

Take ground herbs ands scoop them over your food for seasoning. You can even use the card to scoop ground herbs into containers for storage. The edge of the card is also good for cutting open fruit or chopping vegetables, making them extremely versatile tools.

Grinder Cards are the business card that people keep. They neatly fit in your wallet for easy storage and are convenient for grinding on the go.

Since they easily fit in most wallets or pockets, people are more likely to keep them. They are also made from stainless steel creating a much sturdier business card compared to the paper or cardboard equivalent. For even more options check out our Keychain and Dog Tag grinders!

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