Quick Grinder


Quick Grinder is the fast and easy way to grind your herbs.


This metal grinder has an innovative drainage system which enables you to empty the contents very quickly. It features a polythene antifriction security cover that guarantees a seamless fit when closed. This design consequently avoids the crushing machine opening accidentally and also improves its rotation. 


The system essentially consists of three movable parts (button, springs and plate) and two immovable ones (body and prongs). 


When the button of each piece of the crushing machine is pressed, the disc which forms the base of each side of the grinder advances through the prongs and pushes all the content of the crushing machine towards the top.


A truly inventive design, which is easy to use, easy to clean and maintain and has been proven through vigorous trials and test. In terms of usability this Quick Grinder is second to none.

Quick Grinder
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