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Smelly Proof Bags 8 x 11cm XX-Small

Smelly Proof Bags 8 x 11cm XX-Small

XXS Extra Extra Small Size = 8cm x 11cm (2" x 3")

Use Smelly Proof Storage Bags to keep unpleasant odours in their place. They come in a collection of perfect sizes for moments like when the leftover fish from the barbecue would make a nice lunch for tomorrow.

At home or away you have an easy to reach for solution giving you complete confidence that no odour will escape. Give your nose a hand with Smelly Proof Storage Bags.

Smelly Proof Bags are made from a medical grade FDA approved material that blocks such things as dust, moisture, vapour oil, grease and anything you put in them that emits an odour of any kind. The bags can also be cleaned and re-used while maintaining its odour stopping ability use after use.

Smelly Proof Bags can also be heat sealed allowing for storage of items for longer periods of time with zero odour release.

Heat Sealing Recommendation:
300 F or 148 C / 50 PSI / 1/2 a second

For more info: www.smellyproof.com

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