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Mood Changer Terpene E-Liquid - Daydream

Mood Changer Terpene E-Liquid - Daydream

Mood Changer Daydream Terpene E-Liquid

You are a creative, but can’t get any inspiration?

You totally want to go up into the music and forget about everything?

Then Mood Changer Daydream is a must have for you!

Daydream provides better inspiration and lets you go even more up into the moments.

In addition, daydreaming is also very good for the brains!

Research has shown that people who daydream often are better able to look more objectively and solve problems easily.

Size: 10ml


How do Mood Changers change my mood?

Mood Changers are created with terpenes.

Terpenes are the building blocks of plants, fruits and spices.

Terpenes determine the color, smell, taste, etc...

Terpenes are used all around the world for food, perfumery odours and traditional and alternative medicines, such as aromatherapy.

When you smell lavender, you usually get a calm feeling, this calm feeling is caused by certain terpenes that are in lavender.

These terpenes give a signal to your brain which responds to your body.

Beside lavender, we have processed about 150 other terpenes in the Mood Changers E-liquids. All terpenes used are GRAS (Generally Recognized As Safe).

The Mood Changer terpene profiles consist of 100% natural ingredients.

The plants, fruits and spices where we extract the terpenes from are for example: Lavender, Mint, Mango, Lime, Pepper, Cinnamon, etc...

All plants, fruits and spices that have a natural effect on the human body and/or mind.

Weight 55.00 g
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