Up In Smoke :: Greengo 30g Packet

Greengo 30g Packet

Greengo 30g Packet

Greengo is the ideal tobacco replacement

Greengo = 30g Packet

please note this product does contain 3g of tar..

Due to the smoking ban it’s more difficult to smoke inside a public place. Even in places which have been set up especially for smokers, such as (Dutch) coffeeshops, it’s no longer permitted to smoke tobacco.
But now there is the perfect ‘non-tobacco’ smoking solution!
Greengo is the perfect solution, and because it’s no tobacco you can smoke it at places where it’s officially prohibited!
This tobacco substitute is made of 4 natural ingredients.

A mix of four herbs, namely:
  • Hazel leaf
  • Papaya
  • Mint
  • Eucalyptus
This unique mix is the perfect alternative to tobacco
The taste of Greengo
Greengo has a powerful and spicy taste. It’s a unique blend.
There are however a few essential differences from traditional tobacco products:
Greengo contains no nicotine and isn’t addictive;
there’s also less tar in Greengo, so smoking Greengo is less harmful than smoking tobacco;
Greengo contains no big pieces of tar or tobacco branches, which is often a disadvantage of regular tobacco.
The composition of Greengo has been tested and confirmed by the Heintz van Landewyck service laboratories, established in Luxembourg, 18-11-2008. Greengo is, compared to previous tobacco substitutes, NOT more harmful for your health than normal (tobacco) smoking.
It’s even a bit healthier because the product has no nicotine and contains less tar than tobacco.
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