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Cibdol CBD Oil Mild 2.5% - 10ml

Cibdol CBD Oil Mild 2.5% - 10ml

CBD Oil NORMAL 10ml 2.5% CBD (250mg)

As one of the leading European manufacturers of natural CBD products, our Cibdol CBD oil is as pure as it gets. We use only naturally grown hemp in our production process and doesn’t use any chemicals, hormones or GMO products. This CBD oil contains 2.5% Cannabidiol and is made to the same strict standards as our other CBD oils. The 2.5% CBD oil offers health-conscious consumers more freedom to personalise our dose, depending on individual CBD needs.

The purity of Cibdol CBD oil ensures that consumers can get our dosage of CBD without any of the unwanted psychedelic effects of cannabis.

Cibdol - CBD Oil: One of the best CBD oils available

Our 2.5% Cibdol CBD oil has been specifically designed with those looking for one of the ultimate CBD dietary supplements in mind. Available in different concentrations of 2.5%, 4% and 10%, Cibdol CBD oil 2.5% provides a mild-strength CBD dose of the highest purity.

At Cibdol, we only use the cleanest, finest-grown, organic EU hemp. It is made without any artificial ingredients, chemicals or other additives so you can get your daily dose of CBD without worries.

Cibdol CBD oil has been made to be high-quality and legal, meaning you won’t find any THC in it! This means it doesn’t make you high so that you can take it at any time throughout the day.


Cibdol CBD oil is very easy to use. It comes in a convenient dropper bottle, which makes it easy to dose down to the last drop. The recommended dosage for Cibdol CBD oil 2.5% is 3-4 drops, three times per day.

We have further improved our formula and filtration method. The CBD oil is now lighter and easy flowing so it won’t ever clog the dropper. Not a single drop of Cibdol CBD oil will ever go to waste.

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