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C Vault - Humidipak

C Vault - Humidipak

C Vault Humidipak

2-way humidity control works by continually responding and adjusting to the outside temperature and climate by either adding or removing humidity—as needed—to maintain a 62% level of relative humidity (RH) inside of packages and containers. Humidipaks are active when you receive your product; Humidipaks should be stored in the sealed 4 ML bag or other airtight container when not in use.

62% Humidipak – Humidipak’s patented 2 way humidity technology ensures a relative humidity of 62% with a +or- 1% humidity variance.

No Brainer – NO ADJUSMENTS, NO FIDDLING, just take the Humidipak and place in our CVault, and within 24 to 48 hours your product will be at the PERFECT relative humidity.

Disposable – You can easily tell when it is time to dispose of the Humidipak, you will begin to notice a granular feel to the Humidipak. Once the packet solidifies please replace your Humidipak. Then simply insert a new Humidipak into the specialty designed pak holder of the CVault and you are good to go.

SKU Storage-Cvault-Humidipak-Small
Weight 50.00 g
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